The competition we offer is Swedish technology, knowledge and commitment.

Long-term ownership of industrial companies and properties

Fröjdia Group invests and has ownership interests in manufacturing industrial companies with development potential and offer active leadership, solid industrial competence and genuine commitment. Long-term relations and stability are key words and the overall vision for the group’s companies is to develop into practised suppliers on a global market.

The Fröjdia Group has four manufacturing industrial companies, one property company plus a development company with subsidiaries. The production includes customer-adapted hydraulic cylinders and the development and design of customer-adapted production-adapted machines and equipment for the manufacturing industry. The Group’s structure and the specialisation of the companies lead to valuable synergy effects and a high degree of flexibility in relation to the development and needs of the market.

Fröjdia Group is a wholly-owned family company located in Lidköping and has its roots in western Sweden. Fröjdia Group also co-owns the development company Ullersbro AB.

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